view your relics

view your relics


what is MUR LEN ?

Selling old, vintage + antique gold jewelry, in a new way. Founded by an Art Director, MUR LEN attempts to make solid gold jewelry more accessible by lessening the learning curve, while presenting it in ways that prioritize the arts. Working with people from all corners, we put experimentation and play first, always. Essentially, we want to help people consume more intentionally and have an artistic experience while they’re doing it. The guarantee is always solid gold, because that’s the only gold that will never tarnish, lasting you generations. Gold is something you can feel good about buying, because it will never lose its value. It’s like having a small savings on your skin - just in case. The hope is that even if you can’t buy at this time, you can come, hang, enjoy, learn and feel good.

where to buy

you can shop with us online or irl from time to time at our various pop-ups, located in NYC and LA.

payment plans


I currently offer PayPal at checkout, which allows interst free payment plans to most of their clients. If that is not a good option for you, layaways are also available for some things $300+. I will works with you on a custom payment plan to help you out the best I can :) please don’t be shy to ask for additional options.



All purchases are final sale. The only returns accepted are those of mis-represented materials - meaning if you bought the piece at 14k but it was actually 10k, or it was an incorrect gemstone, we will, without hesitation, offer a full refund or price adjustment upon evaluation of the piece. All other returns, including changing your mind, will be denied. Please remember that all vintage pieces are imperfect, and we do not guarantee perfection on any piece. Dents, scratches, imperfect roundness and other factors may affect the piece. That’s literally the point in buying vintage. Refund requests regarding to slight imperfections will not be accepted. Refund requests due to shipping delays will not be accepted. If you need your pieces by a certain date, I ask that you share your goal delivery date with me and recommend you purchase priority shipping. If you do not communicate your shipping needs with me in advance, I can not accept a refund request regarding delays. Thank your for supporting my small business.

instagram vs. website vs. retail locations/popups


Generally, you will see 2 major seasonal collections drop yearly. Spring/Summer & Fall/Winter. These will be presented as full artistic, editorial campaigns. Smaller collections will be released in between them. One-off things will be sold on IG from time to time, and essential collections will be constantly added on the webiste, for your perusing. Our retail locations/popups hosts a rotating collections of other brands, designers and sellers from all over the world, as well as un-released stock. 


An Experimental gold dreamland focused on
vintage + antique relics.

Consistently inconsistent. Art first, sell second.